… Philokalia… kärleken till skönheten……i teologi… i geometri… i rörelse… och i sång… i poesi… i analys… i sorgen och glädjen … i det spruckna…i tillbedjan



and yeah well the people who well the
people who are running the church have
absolutely no idea about what any of its
doctrines mean yeah it’s as simple as
like I mean there is existence in
Christianity on the androgyny of Christ
and there are elements of God that have
been portrayed as feminine like Sophia
which is wisdom but you don’t mess with
those things you don’t rewrite them like
that not not without having your soul
tremble and quake at your
presumptuousness yeah and the idea that
you can just casually rewrite these
ancient texts it’s like these people who
rewrite fairytales so that they’re more
in keeping with modern sensibility it’s
like they’re so unbelievably
intellectually narcissistic that well
it’s it’s positively satanic in its in
its overreach and I mean that in the
most technical sense it’s this it’s the
satanic temptation of the untrammeled
unbound intellect it’s exactly what
milton warned against in Paradise Lost
so it’s a complete catastrophe all it
will do is speed the demolition of the
church so and I think that’s what it’s
aimed at actually because of course the
church is just too patriarchal construct
anyways and it’s oppressive and it’s7
oppressed women forever despite his
assistant insistence that men and women
were both made in the image of God
Canada I think that’s our church is
pretty much doomed we’ll close to these
issues it’s very it’s more political
than a lot of politicians yes well
that’s it it’s it’s that when the church
becomes political it’s done yeah so


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