… Philokalia… kärleken till skönheten……i teologi… i geometri… i rörelse… och i sång… i poesi… i analys… i sorgen och glädjen … i det spruckna…i tillbedjan

While the rite grows…Beyond language, concept, and time


Lyckans ost är jag som än en gång till får förbereda mig för att leda en retreat med meditation, tillbedjan och eukaristi…. i Vasa…

En välsignelse är det att läsa Volume 2 Silence: A Users Guide.

”My schedule for the five weeks was far too full, and the words “Workshop in Contemplative Prayer” which appeared on my timetable for a Saturday were a very welcome sight. The only problem was the title, which seemed self-refuting. While some spiritual writers may talk about “the work of contemplation,” it is rather working at not working, or, it is working to stop working and simply be.”

Utdrag från: Maggie Ross. ”Silence- A User’s Guide, Volume Two”. iBooks.

Silence: A User's Guide, Volume Two



”This rite creates a minimal liturgical structure in which participants may discover that the Eucharist is not an object or objects over which magic words have been said by a remote cleric, but rather that the Eucharist is the gathering of every moment of each of our lives, of the life of all creation, all our pain and sorrow, all our laughter and joy gathered into a single timeless moment in which Christ is revealed to inhere, to have been present, to be present now, to be forever present. It makes available in an existential way the knowledge that not only are we beloved of God as we are, but also that nothing, absolutely nothing can separate us from the love of God, and that nothing in our lives is ever wasted.

But the full meaning of Eucharist lies in the heart, beyond language, concept, and time. The rite provides a context in which each participant may consciously live Eucharist in silence. Each person’s interpretation will be differently nuanced, and each person’s silence must be respected and encouraged by the depth of silence of those animating the rite, as well as those participating in it.

While this rite grows[…]”

Utdrag från: Maggie Ross. ”Silence- A User’s Guide, Volume Two”. iBooks.


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