… Philokalia… kärleken till skönheten……i teologi… i geometri… i rörelse… och i sång… i poesi… i analys… i sorgen och glädjen … i det spruckna…i tillbedjan

Transfiguration of the Mind


”liturgy has or should have an arc that moves us from self-consciousness to self-forgetfulness. Present-day liturgy does anything but. There are constant interruptions that throw us back into our self-consciousness: repeated breast-beating; the Creed(s)—there should be no place in liturgy for propositional political compromises; the non-stop prolixity; too many readings; contradictory theologies. The clergy never shut up, and never stop drawing attention to themselves; they should rather be effacing themselves to focus on the Eucharist”

Utdrag från: Maggie Ross. ”Silence- A User’s Guide, Volume Two”. iBooks.

”Transfiguration of the mind, purification of the heart, and mystical vision of God, are the fruits of night vigil.”

Utdrag från: Maggie Ross. ”Silence- A User’s Guide, Volume Two”. iBooks.


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