… Philokalia… kärleken till skönheten……i teologi… i geometri… i rörelse… och i sång… i poesi… i analys… i sorgen och glädjen … i det spruckna…i tillbedjan

I Am What I Am

”The right brain experiences everything in the present moment. All our experiences of the world and all our internal bodily experiences come into our right brain. All exterior experiences as well as interior and spirit experiences, everything that’s going on in your gut,  your heart, your skin, your muscles, your chest etc go right to the right brain and therefore our sense of self is what we would call embodied, our right brain sense of self is embodied. I am what I am.

I live my body I don’t live in it I am my body. The right brain receives also from neurons that we call mirror neurons and these are neurons that experience another person’s emotions and motives so if you knock me down my mirror neurons are going to tell me immediately whether it was an accident or whether you were actually feeling hostile towards me.”


” The left brain does not experience life directly, it’s never in the present, never in the lived moment.”

”You can’t experience God or the liturgy, if you’re not in the present.”


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